Wall Mounted Postboxes

The most common type of postbox mounting is the Wall Mounted Postbox. Usually, the back of the postbox is fitted to the wall with two to four fixings through the backplate of the wall-mounted postbox. Wall-mounted postboxes are made from cast aluminium, powder-coated steel, stainless steel or for immunity from salt damage, corrosion-resistant high-quality plastic postboxes are available. Some wall-mounted postboxes are filled with anti-tamper inserts or compatible security measures. Our postbox range includes anti-arson wall mounted postboxes, which house built-in fire extinguishers inside the wall-mounted postbox. Some postbox brands such as Brabantia (now made by Dad) offer a standard pole fixing as an optional accessory allowing these postboxes to be wall mounted post boxes or free standing postboxes. 

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