White Decayeux D100 Postbox
  • White Decayeux D100 Postbox
  • Decayeux D100 Postbox
  • Decayeux D100 Postbox
  • Decayeux D100 Postbox

Decayeux D100 Postbox

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D100 Postbox from Decayeux(#2019)

Top-quality postbox large capacity postbox that is ideal for a large family or small business. 

Capacity: 25 Litres

Colours: black, green, anthracite grey, silver grey, quartz grey, latte,  white

Art code: D100

Postbox Colour

Decayeux D100 Postbox

Formerly Brabantia B100 Postbox

All Brabantia postboxes are made by Decayeux, as of April 2019, all of the Brabantia range of postboxes are going to be rebranded as Decayeux postboxes. The model type instead of having a B in front will have a D as in B110 to D110. For a period of time whilst stocks are changing over your order could either be branded as a Brabantia postbox or as a Decayeux postbox.

The outstanding Decayeux D100 large capacity postbox from Decayeux complies with European EN 13724. This A4 postbox is made from high-grade steel with a front loading posting slot. Like all Decayeux large capacity postbox models it is designed to keep large amounts of mail safe and dry. The D100 postbox is suitable for busy homes and small businesses that need a smart, safe container for their mail.

The Decayeux D100 benefits from a sleek modern design, is available in seven colours and comes with a special mail receptacle to prevent the post from falling when the door is opened.

About Decayeux Postboxes:

All Brabantia postboxes Have always been manufactured by the Decayeux group. Now all Brabantia postboxes are branded as Decayeux postboxes and they still retain the quality and workmanship that has always been associated with Decayeux postboxes.

Decayeux D100 Postbox Features

  • Postbox manufacturer: Decayeux Postboxes
  • Postbox Model: D100
  • Postbox material: Electro-galvanised Steel
  • Postbox guarantee: 5 years
  • Slot on top of postbox
  • provided with a rainproof flap
  • ideal for large items of post
  • Noiseless by using noise-dampening materials
  • Secure By design Homes 2016 compliant
  • Safety lock with 2 coded keys
  • Wall Mounted Or Stand Mounted
  • Height: 460mm
  • Width : 340mm
  • Depth : 160mm
  • Volume (Litres) : 25
  • Keys: 2
  • Locks: Yes

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Data sheet

Postbox Type
Free Standing
Wall Mounted
Postbox Capacity
25 Ltr
Postbox Material
Electro-Galvanised Steel
Postbox Slot Type
Front Slot
Postbox Slot Size
300mm x 35mm
Postbox Height
Postbox Width
Postbox Depth
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