Anti-Arson Postboxes

Mailsafe® Anti-Arson letterboxes are the solution to the ever-increasing crime of arson. Mailsafe Anti-Arson postboxes will contain, detect and extinguish a fire in less than 15 seconds before it has the chance to spread. Discretely placed within the postbox is the Mailsafe Fire Extinguishing System. The fire extinguisher activates automatically when a fire raises the internal temperature of the letterbox. The Mailsafe extinguisher is a sealed thermosensitive polymer tube filled with the ozone-friendly extinguishant FE-25. Mailsafe is simple to fit and has been designed to be fitted against the back of a standard letter plate. If you have any enquiries regarding the Anti-Arson postboxes range then why not use the contact form or call us on 01322 400142

Anti-Arson Postbox solution for the crime of arson

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