Anti-Theft Postboxes

ID theft is a serious business for fraudsters and criminal gangs. It is estimated that in the UK alone, identity theft cost us £2.7 billion per year and that £1.9 billion of this reaches the thieves. The National Fraud Authority (an ominously named government body) estimates that it can affect 1.8 million of us each year. Simple maths, that’s an average of a cool £1,000 per stolen identity. In very many cases the Identity theft starts with the postbox, removing your mail in such a way that you are not aware until the damage has been done. This then creates a need for tamper and anti-theft postboxes, although the market is not flooded with options there are some very good boxes out there that will help or eliminate post box theft.If you have any enquiries regarding the Anti-theft postboxes range then why not use the contact form or call us on 01322 400142

Anti-Theft Postboxes protect your Mail and Identity

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